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Quality Policy Statement


Conduct high-quality clinical tests at the request of a general practitioner or specialist, at the level of private patients and/or patients who are insured by a health insurance entity. Our services are carried out in compliance with legal and regulatory standards, as well as defined specifications, to satisfy the needs and expectations, both explicit and implicit, of our customers.


To be a clinical laboratory that serves as a reference for Barcelona's metropolitan area.


  • QUALITY: Testing efficiently reduces the chance of errors during the process, minimizes non-qualities, and prevents the need to repeat tests due to mistakes.

  • SERVICE: Deliver a service that complies with quality standards and delivery deadlines.

  • PATIENT CARE: Provide our patients with welcoming, professional services and personalized attention from our staff.

  • CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT: Promote continous improvement during our working process as a necesary tool to satisfy our customers.

  • INVOLVEMENT: To ensure the patient's satisfaction, it is essential to have the commitment and participation of the entire management team and clinical staff.

  • STAFF QUALIFICATION: Consistent and appropriate training for all staff is necessary to maintain the high competitiveness of our entire team.

  • INVESTING IN TECHNOLOGY: To apply new analytical techniques, it is important to constantly improve and innovate current technology.

  • CONFIDENTIALITY: We guarantee the confidentiality of our clients' data to prevent any alteration, loss, or access by third parties.

  • OBJECTIVITY: We are committed to being transparent in our relationships with interested parties, regardless of the actions taken by our company.

Barcelona, 14th of November 2023

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